Appalachian Guide to Amphibians & Reptiles

Welcome to our database of images and information about the amphibians and reptiles of the Appalachian Range. This Web site is a labor of love by two conservation photographers who love exploring the natural world, and getting to know the creatures we meet there.

Long-tailed Salamander, Virginia

It’s very important to us that natural ecosystems be respected and protected as indispensable spaces where life is given room to flourish and grow. We’ve dedicated our lives to communicating about the complex and wonderful living systems of the world, and amphibians and reptiles are an especially treasured part of that.

Desmognathus ocoee  - dorsal views composite

We’ve assembled and organized this site using open source digital tools and scientific information. Though we hold the copyright of these photographs, we are open to working with people in a spirit of generosity and sharing who contact us about how you might like to use the images. All you need to do is contact us and start a conversation, so we can work out an arrangement on a case by case basis.

Marbled Salamander migration, Maple Flats Ponds, George Washington National Forest